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Full rebrand, including: print, marketing, social media strategy, photography, and video

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After eight plus decades of serving our community, Tacoma's original credit union had a story to tell, but it suffered from a dated look and a lack of younger members. Our goal? To help TAPCO turn its updated vision and mission into a fresh look and a lived identity.


Our biggest challenge was courting a new generation without alienating the existing staff and membership. After hundreds of hours of market research, development, and collaboration with the board, executives, employees, and the marketing team, we helped TAPCO introduce the centerpieces of our creative efforts to their staff: a new logo, tagline, and video. The central idea behind everything? Unlike big, for-profit banks, TAPCO puts people first. From there, we helped TAPCO introduce the new brand to its members at an annual meeting. We held our breath...Applause...Mission accomplished.

Finally, we took the new brand public, infusing it into TAPCO's physical and digital spaces. We reinvigorated branch locations with signage and environmental graphics. We designed unique billboards, updated print and apparel pieces, and oversaw a refresh of TAPCO's website and app. The video we created transitioned from an internal point of pride to a piece viewed by thousands as a local TV ad and social media post. Garnering well over 5,000 views on Facebook, the video drove more engagement on their Facebook page than any previous post. The logo, video, and overall rebrand all won CUNA Diamond Awards, which are honors reserved for the best design and marketing in the credit union industry.

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