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When we first worked with ArtsWA, they were looking for a new logo. They got so much more. The main challenge? They needed a brand that embraced stakeholders across the state, speaking equally to artists, policy makers, nonprofits and the business community.

Tasked with helping artists fuel our economy and enhance our culture, the Washington State Arts Commission had a big job — and a big a name. Previous efforts to shorten the name produced an awkward acronym: WSAC. We suggested ArtsWA. It mirrored their website name, sounded better, and communicated more of their mission. We matched this name with a mark that pictured Washington as a vital patchwork quilt of artistic diversity. This successful branding effort brought more opportunities to work together, including designing ArtsWA’s website. Other favorite projects include crafting a report on the economic impact of the arts in Washington and designing a web portal that documented ArtsWA’s ground-breaking work in attracting new audiences to the arts.

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