Grit City Wellness

Grit City Wellness came to us with a big vision. The idea? To take a tired apartment gym they had acquired and create a training, yoga, and wellness studio featuring whole body cryotherapy and other cutting-edge recovery tools. They were already working hard on the space, but to go from startup to high-end recovery studio they needed us to help them create a brand identity and website.

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—  Brand  —

An icon in the making

Simplicity, strength, determination. These were the watchwords that inspired the logo and brand messages we crafted for Grit City Wellness. We landed on a simple iconic logo designed to stand out on everything from merchandise to signage.

Grit City Wellness logo
Grit City Wellness icons

—  Photo  —

A lifestyle of wellness

Grit City is about putting the best tools for fitness, wellness, and recovery under one roof to make caring for yourself easier. Our task with photography was to visually capture this lifestyle of wellness. Grit City's belief that self-care is for everyone guided the vision to photograph everything from high-performance athletes to expecting mothers.

Grit City Wellness yoga class
Woman at a spin class
Man using a Somadome
Exercise machine being used
Athletes using Normatec compression therapy

—  Web  —

A study in beauty, simplicity and brevity

This website was less about ranking #1 on search engines and more about capturing a feeling. We leaned on the power of amazing photography to establish a high-end look and feel. We balanced the beauty of imagery and white space with the boldness of heavy type, rough textures, and weighty graphics. We kept text brief but packed it with verve and vitality. The result? A website that feels tailor-made for Grit City -- which it was.

Grit City Wellness home page and Services page

—  Print  —

An investment in visibility

Some of the best advertising has a one-time cost. We helped Grit City Wellness get its brand out there on their high-visibility piece of Point Ruston sidewalk with custom graphics and signage. We also helped Grit City members become walking billboards with tastefully designed apparel and merchandise.

Woman wearing a Grit City Wellness hoodie
Three Grit City Wellness water bottles

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